• We reveal the perfect toy for every pet, based on their personality

    Just like humans, our furry friends have many different personalities. No matter whether your pet is confident or cautious, you’re sure to find a toy at Petbarn to suit.

    If your pet is: Playful 

    Finding the perfect toy for a pet with a playful personality is no easy task. Firstly, the toy needs to be tough and durable, not to mention, interactive and engaging. A playful pet will likely need tiring out, so something that involves ‘fetching’ is a good place to start. Consider a ball launching toy and take your best mate to the beach where they can run around ‘til their heart’s content. With a bit of luck, you’ll both get some great exercise and your pooch will be way too tired to chew up those shoes! 

    Pet Barn Chuckit! Launcher Junior Dog Toy $21.24

    If your pet is: Intelligent 

    There are some pets that are just more intelligent than others. They’re smart, they learn quickly and they’re motivated by pleasing their owners. In the canine department, Poodles, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Border Collies are amongst the smartest breeds in the dog world. So if you’re the proud owner of an intelligent pet, look for an interactive toy with a puzzle element and preferably one with increasing difficulty. As your pooch masters the puzzle, you can set it to a harder level to make it more challenging.

    Petbarn Kong Genius Treat Release Puzzle Dog Toy $19.07

    If your pet is: Lazy

    Consider yourself lucky! Lazy pets are amongst the easiest to buy for (much like humans actually!) You can choose almost any type of toy if your companion is chilled out and relaxed, but a soft, plush toy will keep them company and compliment their calm nature. If possible, choose a brightly coloured, soft toy that can’t be easily destroyed (no one wants to pick up stuffing!) and always encourage them to get outdoors and stay active.

    Petbarn Cuddlies Crocodile Dog Toy $26.43

    If your pet is: Curious 

    Inquisitive nature, laser focus, high energy and the ability to sniff out a bread crumb from a mile away? Sounds like you’ve got a curious pet on your hands! Try having them “sniff” out their reward by hiding a toy filled with treats around the house or yard. If your pet loves going on an adventure, they’ll love the JW Hol-lee Roller ball from Petbarn. The geometric design allows it to be filled with treats, so that curious minds have hours of endless distraction. 

    Petbarn JW Durable Natural Rubber Hol-lee Roller Ball $21.47

    If your pet is: Easily Bored 

    If you have a pet that requires plenty of stimulation to keep them occupied and they don’t receive that attention, they’re likely to get bored and release their energy in a negative way. It sounds like you need something that will keep them occupied for a long period of time! Keep them busy with the Marrow Chew Bone; an interactive bone that provides both entertainment and chewing enjoyment. The nylon ridges will help clean your canine’s chompers and the jerky flavour in the middle is an added bonus.  

    Petbarn Sporn Marrow Chew Bone $19.74