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Your 2021 Teacher Gift Guide


This is not just your ordinary gift guide, because an ordinary gift guide would not be appropriate for the extraordinary. This gift guide is dedicated to our superheroes in, and out of the classrooms. The ones who stay late preparing for tomorrow’s class, the ones who have been educating our children through endless hours of Zoom calls, and the ones who have pushed through a really tough year — our wonderful, resilient, and admirable teachers. 

So what do you give to the teacher that deserves it all? What can help give them that extra thank you this year? We’ve got some of our favourites here for you today, it’s time to go that extra mile with your 2021 teacher gifts.

Something for home 

Our teachers have been teaching both in, and out of the classroom this year, so what better way to help them separate home from work, than with a few items to spruce up the scent, serenity, or space of the home?

A few of our favourites:


Printed 250g Amber & Vanilla Oodles of Oodles Candle - $24.99 at Adairs

Adley Round Photo Frame - $39.95 at Bed Bath N’ Table

Studio Alchimia Glass Diffuser from Papaya

Something for the desk

Let’s face it, your teachers spend a lot of time at their desks marking papers and preparing for the next day, and week ahead. Whether you’re looking at floral vases, a delicate teapot, or a bright water jug, a sprightly addition to the desk this Christmas will never go unnoticed. 

A few of our favourites:


- Teapot from T2

Water Jug from Bed Bath and Table

Vases from Adairs

Something for indulgence

After the year they’ve had, your teacher definitely deserves some indulgence and some serious pampering. To help them relax before another big year ahead, here are some of our recommendations:

A few of our favourites:


- Almond Collection Pamper Pack from L’Occitane

Massage voucher from Massage Lin

Frank Body Scrub & Glow kit from Mecca

Something for fun

Things don’t have to always be so serious! Although there may be different variations for fun, something quirky and bound to put a smile on your teacher’s dial over the Christmas may be the perfect addition to the season. 

A few of our favourites:

- What do you meme cards from Target

- Love Actually Monopoly Board from Typo 

-What teachers really want to say but can’t from Dymocks


For if you are giving away a gift card:

So there you have it, your 2021 Teacher Gift Guide, for the teacher that has been through it all. Do you have a favourite teacher you want to say thank you to? Follow (INSERT SHOPPING CENTRE INAAGRAM HANDLE), and comment on our latest post why they are your favourite. The top (INSERT NUMBER OF GIFT CARDS YOU WANT TO GIVE AWAY) answers will win a (INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT) gift card for yourself, and the teacher of your choice. 


For if you aren't giving away a gift card:

So there you have it, your 2021 Teacher Gift Guide, for the teacher that has been through it all. And finally, if you are one of those deserving teachers that are reading this article, we just want to say thank you, for getting our students through the year of 2021.