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Eight Home Organising Hacks

Social distancing has got many of us stuck at home in self-isolation, and no doubt you’re looking for things to do because, #boredom. And also because… #NoExcuses.


Well, now is the perfect time to get your crib in order, and you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together eight magical must-have items that can transform any space in your home from cluttered to clean in a matter of minutes.These items are all available at your home and grocery store.   


Mason Jars

Have you ever been envious of the way the Kardashians keep their pantries so organised? Well, Mason jars are the key. They’ve become the pantry staple for storing your pantry staples. You can triple the space in your cupboard just by placing bulky items like pasta, rice, biscuits and flour in them. It’s so simple, yet genius. 


Cutlery organiser for more than just your cutlery

If you think cutlery organisers are just for cutlery, then your mind is about to be blown because you can also use them to organise your make-up drawer, jewelry and hair care products. If you’re also into arts and crafts, you can even use it to sort your crafts or paint brushes. 


Cookie Jar

Don’t we all have a drawer somewhere full of nail polishes and hair ties? Usually it’s your bedside table or bathroom drawers, but really, they just end up anywhere around the house – just like those pesky bobby pins, but cookie jars can be cleverly used to store your entire nail polish collection. Nifty. 


No more floating packets of chips in the cupboard and no more sweaters stuffed into every possible nook in your wardrobe. Baskets are the answer to neatly store anything and everything in your house. Best of all, when you’re searching for a certain something, you no longer need to dig through every drawer and mess everything up.


Cake Stands

Cake stands. We all have a few fancy stands that sit in our cupboards unused until we have a “special occasion”. Well, here’s one hot tip for you. You can use cake stands to display and store your perfume collection, making them look like an intentional centerpiece, rather than clutter.



Trays are completely underrated and underused. It’s not just for serving breakfast in bed to your partner once a year, you can also use them to tidy-up your kitchen and keep everything in one place. They can also be used on your hall table to store your keys, or in your bathroom to display tidy your make-up.  


Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets aren’t just for plants, you can also hang them in your kitchen to store fresh produce like onions, potatoes and carrots. You could also install one in your kids’ bedroom as a cute way to store or display stuffed toys.


Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan was once a Chinese banquet staple, but she’s picked up some motivation and up-skilled to give you easy access to your cleaning products. Simply place it under your sink and load all your products onto it. When you need to find one, instead of rummaging through all of them, simply spin. Not so lazy after all.