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Why Renters Will Fall in Love with Washi Tape


Whether you’ve got a room to yourself, a new apartment, or maybe even a house, you want to make the space your own. But when you’re renting there are restrictions around how much you can personalise your area. 

There’s nothing more frustrating as a renter than being faced with a set of empty walls, and no way to decorate them. But when you can’t drill, paint, or change any fixtures, your options seem limited. But don’t despair! We’ve got a great, and creative option for you to express yourself and glam up your interior. 

Wallpaper is really having a design moment. Walls everywhere are suddenly decked out in cool colours and bold prints and even in fuzzy, puffy tactile textures. As a renter, what you need to create a fun and on-trend wallpaper effect is washi tape. From Japan, like all the coolest stuff is, washi tape is simply patterned and coloured masking tape. And because it’s designed to be used on paint, you can safely use it to decorate your walls. Two ways with washi tape:

1. Create frames

If you can add artwork to your wall either with a product like Blu-Tack, or a removable hook, like the ones made by 3M, you can accent this piece with washi tape. 

Choose up to three rolls of tape to create your frame. Play with colours, contrasts and patterns. Take the time to map out your frame design, using a ruler to make sure that your finished frame edges will be straight. 

2. Dream up a design

If you’re absolutely not allowed to hang artwork, or just have nothing to put up that you love, you can use washi tape to make a design. 

Before you take to the wall, it’s a good idea to craft your finished design on paper. While washi tape can be lifted up and replaced in a different spot, you’ll get a nicer finish if you get it right first time.