Fresh Food

Mint Hot Chocolate Crazy Shakes


INGREDIENTS (per serve) 

150ml warm milk 
2-3 tsp hot chocolate powder or flakes 
1 large scoop chocolate ice-cream 
2 large scoops mint choc chip ice-cream 
Your favourite chocolate mint chocolates and lollies - e.g. peppermint filled chocolate, choc mint slice 
biscuits, mint leaves, choc mint kit-kat, peppermint crisp, marshmallows, and melted dark chocolate. 


1. In a tall glass add the hot chocolate powder (or flakes) then add the warm milk and stir. 
2. Next, add the ice-cream scoops and push them down into the glass. 
3. Top with your favourite choc mint confectionery and drizzle with dark chocolate. 
Serve with a straw and spoon. Enjoy!